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What Can I Do In a Day?

Content Calendar

Content Calendar designed for your business. Specific posts for specific days. Five posts per week in a calendar view. Plug and play social media marketing.


Graphics created to match your content calendar, branded for your business. You simply have to schedule them on your social media platform. 

Content Scheduling

Schedule three months of content for you. Set and forget it social media marketing. You can use our designs or send us yours. No hassle marketing done for you.  

All The Things

Maybe you need all of the above. We can do that too. Create a full marketing strategy in a day. Schedule a discovery call and we can discuss what you need, and how to get there. Fast.


Design a simple three-page sales page, landing page, or website

   Update, refresh or rebrand your outdated WordPress website

How it Works

Figuring out what to post on social media, what platforms to post it on, when to post it. Even worse how to design it for YOUR brand. 

It is overwhelming. 

You have options, get an employee to do it. That probably will be a disaster. Hire an agency. That will cost you at minimum 500-750 a month and you will still have to provide the content. Buy prebuilt templates, then you have to brand them yourself.

What if I told you, I can provide you with a 60, 90, or 120-day content calendar designed for YOUR business. I can also design the creatives to go WITH that content. I can also schedule it for you. 

Set it and forget it. 

Here is how we do it.

You wake up, pour your coffee, and sit down to work on your business.  Only instead of worrying about the dreaded unfinished days of social media content you need to design and schedule that is hanging over your head, you now have a professional designer who has blocked off and dedicated her entire day to get this done for you – in a day!

It is 100% possible for you, and it’s exactly what I can do for you. One day results.

It’s important to note when you reserve Design By the Day. You’re booking me for a DAY, not a set of deliverables. I have been designing and producing social media content for over a decade. I have a seamless and efficient program that allows maximum results in minimum time. YOU WILL BE PART OF THE PROCESS.

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