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Every time I meet with a client or potential client, they say what can I do to be more visible, get up in the Google search, questions like that. I say unless you want to pay big bucks (and I mean big) to pay for an SEO expert you need to start a blog. I get that deer in the headlights look, I know you are already trying to run your business, go to baseball practice with your kids, take care of your parents and maybe eat dinner at a normal time once a week. Trust me, I have been there, heck I still am, I write a whole bunch of blogs and notoriously neglect mine. My web dude is on me constantly to go write something. So my 2016 resolution is to do that. So here you go. You need to do it too.


  1. Search engines love fresh content. Do you frequently change your regular website pages? I am guessing not very often. They are pretty static and really do nothing for your SEO. A blog keeps a steady stream of new information going up on your website every week. The search engines your potential customers are using to find companies to do business with will pull the newest, most relevant content in the searches.  If your site doesn’t have new information or has not been updated in months, you will not be near the top of the search engines. Your blog will not only build relationships with your readers, but it will more importantly, provide new content for Google to index.
  2. A blog can help you find new clients and customers. Good solid content that actually is informative, educational or entertaining can go along way to making you and your business a credible resource in your field of expertise.
  3. Maintaining current relationships. Your blog is a straightforward method of communicating with customers on a real level. You can use it for all sorts of things, communicating special events, product offerings, information on your industry, the list is endless.


  1. How will you find the time? You can blog from your iPad sitting in your car waiting for your child to get done with gymnastics practice. You can blog from anywhere. You can start and finish when you want to. You can publish when you want to. I have a page in my planner (yes, I still use paper) that I jot ideas down on the fly.
  2. You can outsource it, hire someone to write it for you. I author blogs for nine clients. Some of them are heavily involved and send me topics, then I write them, then they edit, then we post. Others just let me do it all, you have to have a heavy trust factor in place for this to happen, that comes over time.


  1. You will results in all sorts of areas when you add a blog to your website. Your SEO is just one area, SEO is no longer slapping some keywords on your site. There is a whole formula for success.
  2. A blog can help you measure that success. Your blog will create a history over time, you can go back and look at your stats and how far you have come.

I am sure you have something to say, so say it. Blog and you will be saying it in a way that will benefit your business!



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