Welcome to Sunfest Media! I started this venture for many reasons. Through my personal blog New Smyrna Beach Mom, I met so many people and small businesses who just had no clue about branding themselves, social media and actually just writing. My very first customer I got by accident. I was eating in his restaurant and he said “hey, I love your blog can you help me with my Facebook Page?” I said, “why sure” now, almost three years later I take care of all three of his restaurants, their social media, advertising, websites all of it. He recommended me to someone, who recommended me to someone….I don’t advertise, pretty much every single client I have has come through referrals and word of mouth. I appreciate the confidence and never take it for granted!

I have the very best web designer on the planet working with me, a commercial photographer who creates magic and a rock star graphic designer. Let us help you create or reinvent your brand!




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