A long-time client and I were chatting the other day and he asked me, who should I be targeting online in 2021? My answer the 55+ crowd is where it’s at. The baby boomers are going digital. According to Social Media Today, 20% of Americans are Baby Boomers and 46% of the population is 50+ and a whopping 70% of them bought something online in the last month. There is a 66% increase in this age group discovering new products via social media in the past four years.

This data strongly suggests that this is the age group to hit right now. Many of these folks have disposable income, don’t want to go out to shop due to the pandemic, and are discovering just how much fun it is finding new products and services online!

When you are making your marketing choices don’t just market to younger people, remember who is shopping and where the money is!

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