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I am a longtime Evernote user for storing stuff. All the stuff. I am constantly saving links, clipping things from the web that I want to read later, photos from clients, all the things. Every tool I ever used felt bulky and unorganized. I don’t want a million tags, and lists of “notes”. I want it all organized by client, I want to email things to it, dump things in there to look at later, I want it to be easy and pretty. Yes, I said pretty. I know, the function is important, but I want to enjoy using it.

I had resigned myself to using Evernote for the rest of my life, then came Bublup. I stumbled across it on a blog post and gave it a try. There is no going back! I have been using it for almost a year and I could not be happier.  It is super simple to navigate, you can keep everything from links to notes, photos, and videos, files all in one folder. You can share a folder with someone, they can also add to it. It also offers a very versatile web clipper making grabbing as you go easy.

The Bublup mobile app is easy to use and makes saving a photo or video from your mobile device fast and simple, moving it from your mobile device to your desktop or mac is one click easy!  Once you start saving things, it will give you suggestions on similar topics, you can also roll up a folder of photos (or whatever) and make it into a mini-website/presentation to share.

Did I mention it is pretty?  You can check it out here, click the link and scroll down below the sign-up area for a quick video on all the features. It is also free! There are paid options but the regular version is all free. If you use the link in this post you will get an extra 1GB of storage on your free account!