Google My Business is a thing, it has been around for a while in other forms. GMB has been called, Google Places, Google Maps, Google+, and Google Local. Google My Business is actually directing traffic away from your website, EVEN if you pay for ads. Google doesn’t want customers to leave their search results to go to your website (unless you pay for ads) so they are attempting to give the customers all you need with Google My Business.

Everyone at some point is going to need (or want) to be in touch with your business directly, so Google My Business tries to provide all that a potential customer needs without them ever leaving their platform. You are thinking, WHAT, I want people on my website. Yes, you do. If you use Google My Business correctly you can have the best of both worlds. Google can generate customers for you, and so can your website.

If you are reading this you are for the most part local businesses. According to HubSpot, 46% of Google searches are people looking for something locally, where they are, or where they are going. 95% of local searches will hit a Google My Business listing. That is almost all of the searches locally. Almost ALL of them. Almost 70% of those (according to Search Engine Land)  will contact your business right from that listing. With half of all web traffic coming from a mobile phone, those folks are calling you or the other guy right off that Google listing.

If this alone does not impress upon you how important it is to have an effective Google My Business listing, this might. When visiting a new business, half of the people will read the reviews, the ones on Google My Business. Google My Business also has added some features to its business platform. You can post, your potential customers can ask questions, book appointments, order take-out. Pretty much all the things.

What does all this mean? You may have claimed your Google listing, add your hours and information, maybe respond to a review here and there, but it is basically forgotten about. Nope, that is not going to work in the world that is now run by Google. You need to optimize your listing and use it. Post on it, respond to reviews, interact with your customers. Make sure it stays accurate. Did you know a customer, even an unhappy one can suggest a change to your Google listing? Paying attention is key.

If you need help setting up or optimizing your Google My Business listing give us a call or drop us an email. We have recently completed extensive training on how to make Google My Business drive people to your business. We would love to share that knowledge with you!

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