What should I post? Should I post at all? The biggest question I have heard this week. we are in the middle of a national crisis, an apocalypse, as a few of my oldest clients have called it, should I be posting on social media. My answer is yes, but don’t be salesy, if you can help it. What you are posting really depends on what business you are in. Local business, share local information on what is happening, with your business and your community. Engage with other companies and people in groups on what is going on. You want to stay in the feed without being obnoxious.

Another good tip is to concentrate on content marketing. No one has time to blog (or so they tell me) now is a GREAT time to put some valuable content together for your blog or website. Get your Instagram account up to snuff, work on your Pinterest. Create some stories to use later when things calm down. There is a myriad of things you can do to keep yourself and your business busy while you are hiding out at home.

The worst thing you can do is NOTHING. Need help? Give me a call or schedule some time, I will be happy to give you a free 30-minute overview of your website and social media platforms. It’s a great time for that too! 386-481-4124.