Should I Respond To That Review?

Reviews drive business. Depending on the type of business you operate a review may be the difference between someone walking through your doors or visiting a competitor. Do you read your reviews? Do you respond to them? If you don’t, you need to start. Right now. Facebook reviews are growing at a rate of 4 time faster than their closest runner up TripAdvisor. Google and Yelp bring up the rear in the final four.

What does this mean to you? Customers are more likely to review you on Facebook than any other review site. If you do not have Facebook Reviews enabled it is easy to set up. Learn all about it directly from Facebook here.

You should should not only respond to comments and questions on your Facebook Business page, but also reviews. Good or bad you need to respond. Responses range from

  • a quick thank you for your business
  • an explanation of the situation
  • a question or to get more information or clarification of the situation
  • an apology if necessary

Whatever the situation that arises from the review, it is important to address it in a timely manner in a positive, professional way. Remember the customer may not be right, that is ok and in  some instances it is fine to point it out. I have a customer who recently addressed a review that was negative with what actually happened. The reviewer took his review down and has been back  to the restaurant since. It may not always work out that well with a false negative review, the rare times it does are worth it!

If you have questions or need help navigating your reputation management call Sunfest Media today!