I Need More Likes

I hear this question every single day from my clients, people I meet in the grocery store, my neighbor who owns a business, everyone! In the social media world follower count is somehow tied to success. There is obviously value in followers and likes, the more followers the wider your message is spread. Keep in mind, there is a healthy balance. If your 500,000 followers don’t translate into business there is no point in having them. If you are going to get followers (and keep them) you need to do a few things:

  1. Post great content
  2. Make sure your about or bio is complete and professional
  3. Use hashtags
  4. Make it easy for people to connect from your website or blog (use widgets)
  5. Engage with your followers
  6. Share other peoples content
  7. Stay active, don’t go days without posting in your channels
  8. Make sure your content is easy to share
  9. Follow others

We recommend the 80/20 rule for posting in your social media channels. 80 percent should be informative, entertaining or educational. 20% should be self promotion. Not an easy task when you really want someone to know what YOU are doing. Trust me it works. Another big thing to remember is, Social Media is not always about selling something, it is about connecting with your current and potential customers. If you remember that first and foremost and have some patience it will work for you!

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