Avoid Making Facebook Mistakes

The biggest and best known social media platform is Facebook, businesses are using it to their advantage to communicate and leverage themselves with customers in new ways everyday. With everything else there are some things to avoid when putting together your Facebook strategy. Here are a few.

Buying Likes

Yes you can buy likes for your business page on Facebook. Should you do it? No. We have all done it, a sponsored post shows up in our feed and we like it. We may never look at it again and probably won’t buy anything from them. Having a gazillion followers may look good but are those gazillion followers going to translate into business? Probably not. You need followers who are genuinely interested in what you have to say, who really want to know about your product or service and may buy.

Deleting or Not Responding to Negative Comments

Big mistake. Take a negative comment or review and turn it around. This is not always possible, but hitting these head on shows your business is responsive to criticism and finding solutions to problems. No, you won’t make everyone happy and never get in a comment war with someone but always make a good faith attempt to address issues. Trolls and abusive comments should always be deleted.

The same holds true for private messages. RESPOND. Do not ignore private messages or take days to respond. Your customer or potential customer is waiting.

Crappy Images

Grainy, blurry or otherwise low quality images are bad. It is true posts with images or videos generally receive more engagement, but make those images good ones.

Know Your Audience

Use Facebook insights or another reporting tool to get to know your audience, who is really looking at what you post and are they coming back?

No Social Media Strategy

Utilizing social media is not an option. In many cases a potential customer may see your Facebook page before they see your website. What are they seeing? Planning takes time but the end result is worth it. Check out your competition, use a calendar, plan your posts to line up with your business goals.



I Can Build My Own

I hear that at least twice a week. I can build my own website. Why yes, you can. Sometimes they do, then they call me to “fix” it. Trust me it is much less expensive to get it right the first time. Fixing it often means starting over.

Many web design tools are simple to use, especially if you’re pretty comfortable with computer software. It will be time consuming and you will probably want to throw your PC out the window at least once during the process, but you can probably get your site up and running. However, it takes experience and training to do it right. From choosing your domain name to visual effects, colors, content, keyword research, right on down to SEO.

You can probably set up a really pretty site with gorgeous pictures and some spiffy content, but can you market it? Online copy writing, keyword research, search engine optimization, competition analysis, site design and architecture. Are those pretty pictures someone else’s, do you know how to find out? Do you know what SEO is? So many questions…

But you will save so much money if you do it yourself, right? Wrong. A successful website needs fantastic graphic design, branding, engaging content, and a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan. If you don’t have all these your website is going to look like you built it and had no idea what you were doing. You want to convert visitors into customers, your website will either do this or it won’t, if it doesn’t will you know how to fix it?

Your website will scream, I am a professional or I am not. Do you really want your first impression on a potential new customer to be “Another free website from whoever.com”?  If you want someone to spend their money on your product or service you better look like you know what you are doing. Your website is not the place to cut corners. Most designers can work within your budget, be clear what you want from the start.

I had a potential customer call me the other day and say, I am not sure why I am not showing up on Google. I try to be kind, really I do. You are not being found on the search engines because there is nothing to find. On the other hand I have a customer who has a very simple business website design, I monitor it regularly and work with her on keeping her content fresh. She tracks every inquiry and sale she has and where it came from. She called me this week to tell me she is getting 6-9 inquiries a DAY off her website and she is consistently in the top 3 for her business on Google. She is selling quite an expensive product in a small community and is thrilled with the response she is getting. That is the difference between a well thought out and designed, maintained website and one that is not.

I would never try and rewire my house, fix my dishwasher or cut my own hair. You shouldn’t build your own business website either!